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In the spring of 1974, I joined a group of eighth-grade classmates from the Exeter Area Junior High School on a day long hike in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We climbed well above the tree line so that we could enjoy the scenic vistas of the White Mountain National Forest — a carpet of green for as far as we could see. Occasionally, we would see ribbons of rust orange, especially at the bottom of valleys. Mr. Sawyer, our math teacher pointed out that we were seeing the effects of acid rain caused by the emissions from the heavy industries in the Northeastern and Midwestern states.

The Environmental Protection Agency was launched in December of 1970 and by 1974 was recommending tough controls on industrial and automobile emissions. The pollution alerts that plagued the Mid-Atlantic States during the 1970’s continue to plague major cities around the world today. Only a few of those countries have had any success in implementing controls similar to the mandates of the EPA. Regular reports in the international press remind us of the consequences of un-controlled industrial pollution including extended periods of health advisories about the poor quality of air.

Mitan estimates that our real-time solutions have conserved almost 50 million sheets of paper. The efficiencies of our real-time solutions are tangible, significant and easily quantified. The advantages to the environment are intangible, but nonetheless, real and we hope that environmental impact is part of any consideration to adopt real-time solutions.

All photos in our website were taken in or near the White Mountain National Forest.